Duncan Njoroge

Growing up in Nanyuki the foot of Mount Kenya, my interest was picked every time I saw tourists in their climbing gear and what then looked like fancy walking sticks. After school I trained and worked as a porter and a cook for several years before becoming a certified guide. It is amazing how after trekking the mountains countless times, I still get the same thrill I did as a little boy. Every time is different, more beautiful, nature is always evolving. I am glad to have people who are as, if not more, enthusiastic and passionate about nature in my team. We have more than fifteen members.

Patrick Ngare

What started as a quest for answers out of curiosity has grown into a passion and a 15 year career that has been most rewarding. The unique vegetation on the Mountain still intrigues me to date, the tiny details that make up the majestic mountains remind me of how we all matter regardless of size, race or tribe. Being a Christian it cements my faith and fills me with appreciation of how creative God is, and I am honoured to be made after his image and likeness. The wonderful and friendly guests that I get to meet on every trip teach me different languages and tell me about their cultures. It is like visiting different countries in one single trip.

John Mithamo

In 2006 I made my first trip to pt. Lenana as a porter. The view and experience was beyond what I imagined as a little boy in Nanyuki. I spent most mornings in our backyard gazing at the snowy mountain that disappeared into the clouds. Though getting there was exhausting, it felt better than a conquest, a prize I had awarded myself but so overpowering and overflowing that I wanted to share with others. Determined to help others tick climbing Mt Kenya and /or Kilimanjaro off their bucket list; I trained as a guide at mainland college Karatina and first aid wildness courses with adventure first aid. I am humbled and honored every time I help our guests fulfil their dreams to climb East African Mountains.