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Indulge your Inner Explorer with the Best East African Safari

Looking to experience an unforgettable East African safari
that satisfies your inner explorer?

Karibu Kenya.

East Africa is the home of thrilling Kenyan safaris, majestic wildlife, rich culture, white sandy beaches, and mouth-watering food. At Equitorialstar, we have the perfect East African safari packages to suit your every safari desire.

Whether it’s family, friends or workmates looking for ways to relax and bond, we have the adventure you need. You can experience safaris in vast jungles and savannah grasslands or enjoy hiking adventures in East Africa’s highest mountains. You’ll get to see the big five, the great migration and trek for several days to the peak of East Africa’s highest mountains. Additionally, we also provide engaging team-building activities.

Equitorialstar Adventures will help you plan your East African Safari and a hiking adventure worth recounting the rest of your life on a budget.

Everything You Need to Have the East African Safari of a Lifetime

Our professional and experienced guides know the best safari routes, mountains, and popular sites to visit during your Kenyan safaris. Our guides and Porters allow us to plan your trip any time of the year. Furthermore, we also have a partnership with the best hotels that guarantee luxurious yet affordable accommodation. You’ll enjoy the best local and international cuisines on your East African safari.

Join us to discover a world of exciting safaris and mountain climbing adventures that literally take your breath away. We promise adventures engraved so deeply in your memory that you will definitely want to return.

Our prices are fair and affordable for those looking to adventure on a budget. Moreover, we believe in transparency, so you can rest assured there’ll be no hidden charges during your safari and hiking adventures.

Come, let’s go on an exhilarating adventure together!

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