6 Days Mt kenya Burguret-Chogoria Route


The Burguret route featured in the book ‘No Picnic on Mount Kenya’ by Felice Benuzzi is slowly gaining popularity. Though it does not have a definitive path at the base, it is rich in wildlife like buffaloes and elephants that graze on the overgrown grassland and forest. The gentle descent on Chogoria route offers the most picturesque scenes, the temple overlooking Lake Michaelson, hills for bird watching, waterfalls and valleys. True to its wild nature, there are no huts only camps as close to nature as possible. This heightens the luxurious experience of refreshments, hot shower, and a log fire on the last night at the Meru Mt. Kenya Bandas.

Day 1: Nairobi- Giant Bamboo Camp

Very early morning depart from Nairobi to Nanyuki for lunch and drive farther to Gathiuru forest station. Here we begin our trek for the Giant Bamboo camp that is about 2600m.the trek takes about 4 hours through the bamboo forest where buffaloes and elephants are habitants.

Day 2: Giant Bamboo Camp- highlands castle

After breakfast we walk through the bamboo that gives way to a forest, very serene with a gentle breeze, birds chirping and others pecking on the trees. The golden rays of the sun that peek through the tall trees light the path. We stop for a picnic lunch as we make our way to the moorland stretch that is covered by groundsels and lobelia. The 6 hour walk leads to the Highland Castle at 3700m gaining an elevation of 1100m.diner and overnight stay

Day 3: Highland Castle-Shipton Camp

The 10 km hike to Shipton camp will take 5-6 hours, though there is barely any vegetation left save for the moss that covers the rocks; the view of the peaks are visible from here and the valleys are filled with peacock blue tarns. There is a possibility of meeting other hikers from the Sirimon route at the Shipton camp 4235m where we spend the night.

Day 4: Summit attempt – Hall Tarns

The summit attempt start at 3:00 am through the rocky path, it is still dark so the torch will come in handy. After a 3 hrs hike we make it to point Lenana 4985m to enjoy the sunrise. It is magical how the dark sky bursts with beautiful colours as the dark retires to give way to a new day. As you savour this moment time slows down, there is a peace that nature brings away from civilization and its distraction. After this calming experience we descend to Hall Tarns for breakfast, the rest of the day is spent relaxing and exploring the surroundings.

Day 5: Hall Tarns- Mt Kenya Bandas

Descending on the Chogoria route is exciting as one enjoys stunning views of valleys, lakes, the temple, waterfalls, hills and fresh water springs. The night at the Mt Kenya Bandas is the perfect climax of a tiring journey with hot showers, a meal in front of a log fire and enough time to rest.

Day 6: Mt Kenya Bandas- Nairobi

After a refreshing night at Mt Kenya Bandas 3000m we gently descend for 2 hours to meet a vehicle that takes us back to Nairobi.

The package includes;

● All transportation to/from the mountain
● All Park fees.
● Meals on the Mountain.
● Accommodation in mountain huts/ camps.
● Services of a professional guide and porters

The Package Excludes;

● Personal clothing and equipment
● Tips and gratuities for guides and porters
● Beverages while not on the mountain

Mount Kenya 6 Days Climbing charges Upon Request

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