Soaring into the sky and dwarfing the land and plains below, Mount Kilimanjaro stands tall and proud dominating everything around. It is the highest mountain in Africa (5895m), a dormant volcanic mountain in has three distinct cones Kibo, Shira and Mawenzi; Kibo is dormant and has a possibility of erupting Shira and Mawenzi are extinct. The highest summit is Uhuru at kibo’s crater. Ludwig and Hans Meyer were the first to successfully ascend Mt Kilimanjaro in 1889. It is part of the Mount Kilimanjaro national park with plenty of wildlife among them; elephants, zebras, bushbucks, hyenas and cape buffaloes. Vegetation on Mt Kilimanjaro varies with altitude at the base we have agricultural land with maize, sunflower, beans, wheat and coffee. The natural forest cover, savannah, mosses that depends on fog, bushes, heathlands, bear land with rocks. The main routes on Kilimanjaro are; Rongai Shira, Mweka, Machame, Lemosho Umbwe, Marangu.

Mount Kilimanjaro has a high number of climbers as compared to Mt Kenya, with an equally high rate of unsuccessful ascent caused by high altitude illness. Though climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is difficult it is not impossible. The right equipment a reasonable level of fitness and plenty of time to acclimatize, anyone with a desire and determination can reach the summit regardless of age.