Mount Kilimanjaro

Explore the Majestic Mount Kilimanjaro – EquitorialStar

Hike Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and Explore Africa’s Highest Point

Soaring into the sky and dwarfing the land and plains below, Mount Kilimanjaro stands tall and proud dominating everything around. It is the highest mountain in Africa (5895m), a dormant volcanic mountain in Tanzania. It has three distinct cones Kibo, Shira and Mawenzi. Kibo is dormant and has a possibility of erupting while Shira and Mawenzi are extinct. The highest summit is Uhuru at kibo’s crater. Ludwig and Hans Meyer were the first to successfully climb Mount Kilimanjaro in 1889. It is part of the Mount Kilimanjaro national park with plenty of wildlife among them; elephants, zebras, bushbucks, hyenas and cape buffaloes. Vegetation on Mt Kilimanjaro varies with altitude at the base we have agricultural land with maize, sunflower, beans, wheat and coffee. The natural forest cover, savannah, mosses that depends on fog, bushes, heathlands, bear land with rocks. The main …

Explore the Majestic Mount Kilimanjaro – EquitorialStar

Experience the Hike of a Lifetime –Mt Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route 7 Days

 Melting ice on Mount Kilimanjaro summit on a clear sunny day. Get to the summit via Lemosho route.

Lemosho is the most scenic route on Mount Kilimanjaro, every day offers something new to appreciate. The chances of seeing wildlife while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro are high on this route. It is quiet and less crowded since not many climbers use this route. The trails are long but with slow ascent this helps the body to adapt, increasing success rate to the summit Uhuru peak

Mount Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route 7-day Itinerary - EquitorialStar

Day 1; Nairobi – Arusha/Moshi

Depart from Nairobi in the morning for Moshi or Arusha …

Explore Mt Kilimanjaro with a 7-day Hike – Rongai Route Itinerary

Tour guides and Italian tourists at near Mount Kilimanjaro summit in full mountaineer gear.

The Rongai route has gained popularity over the years, it gets crowded during the peak season (August-October) though not as much as other mt Kilimanjaro routes. Being on the North of the mountain it the driest route making it easily accessible all year long. It is fairly easy with high success rate of getting to Mount Kilimanjaro summit. The descend is on Marangu route which is very of scenic

Mount Kilimanjaro Rongai Route 7 Days Itinerary

Day 1: Nairobi – Moshi

A road trip to Moshi from Nairobi for …

Experience the Grandeur of Mount Kilimanjaro – Machame Route Itinerary

A hiking camping site on Mount Kilimanjaro grassland with the Mountain’s summit in the background.

The Machame route also known as the “whisky route” is the opposite of the Marangu route. It is very challenging but extremely scenic making the arduous Mount Kilimanjaro hike worth the sweat. There are plenty of steep slopes to ascend and valleys to descend thus it takes longer than the Marangu route. Mweka route is used for descending.

Mt Kilimanjaro Machame route 7 days Itinerary

Day 1; Nairobi – Moshi

Depart Nairobi in the morning by shuttle to Moshi in Tanzania arriving late afternoon. We spend the night here …

Touch Africa’s Highest Point Via Marangu– 6-day Mount Kilimanjaro Hike

Tourist walking along the snowcapped Mount Kilimanjaro summit after climbing through Marangu route.

Marangu route commonly known as the “coco cola” or “tourist” route. It is a lot easier than the other Mt Kilimanjaro routes with a gradual and gentle ascent with enough time to acclimatize on the go. Accommodation on this route is mainly in huts no camping is allowed. It is popular with climbers and tends to be crowded since it is a lot cheaper and has high rates of success. On Marangu you use the same route to ascend and descend Mount Kilimanjaro

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro - Marangu Route 6 …